Youth Ministry

Adolescence can be one of the most challenging periods in life as young people seek to establish who they are and who they will be as adults. We believe the most important thing for adolescents today is to develop a relationship with God and develop a faith that they will not graduate from when they graduate from high school. Our Youth Ministry is committed to creating an environment of love, acceptance and to challenge each individual to make a decision to follow Christ. If you are looking for community, have questions, or are looking for a family of believers to worship with, we would love to meet you!

Our youth ministry activities are for students in grades 7-12

Please check out upcoming activities and relevant information below:


Weekly Youth events at the church building:

Sundays: 11:00am Bible Class

5:00pm  Middle & High School Small Groups

Wednesdays:  7:00pm Sanctuary Worship


Upcoming Dates to Know (updated 06.12.18):

Dates to Know:

June 19-26: Haiti Mission Trip
July 6-14: RCC Senior Week
July 14-21: RCC Intermediate Week
July 29-August 1: Lightshine
August 31-September 3: RCC Labor Day Retreat
In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link to the summer video: Enjoy!
A request for the Haiti Mission Trip: We could use 2-3 more duffel bags to take clothing and toys with us to Haiti. We do plan to bring these back, but would rather not have to buy new bags for this purpose. If you have a duffel bag we can borrow, please bring it by sometime this week!
Rockford Christian Camp Sessions are coming up soon. I am telling you this because registration forms for theses sessions are supposed to be turned in two weeks before the session starts (even though the RCC folks are really nice and let you turn them in later). That means you should turn in forms for Senior Week by June 22nd and for Intermediate Week by June 29th (and not the day of unless you have been held hostage somewhere for several weeks ?). The cost is $175 per person. If you bring a friend who has never been to RCC, you both get $50 off. If you need help paying for the sessions, let me know ASAP!
Lightshine will be July 29 – August 1! We are planning to work with groups such as Shults-Lewis, Restoration Ministries, PASS, Rich Township Food Pantry, and the Ronald McDonald House during those days. It will be a great opportunity to serve God by serving others and to partner with a great variety of different works that are taking place in our own backyard! The cost is $50. Sign up now!

Class happenings: This Wednesday is a part of VBS, so we will be doing VBS stuff! Come on out!
This Sunday we will begin our summer series as we look at who we are called to be as the people go God.
Check out some of the organizations we are affiliated with: