Young Adult’s Ministry

There are alarming statistics indicating that churches are not keeping post-high school young adults. This is a trend that crosses all segments of society. Recognizing this reality causes church leaders to consider specific ministry to this age group.

So, who are young adults?

Young adults are loosely defined as post-high school age individuals. This includes those who attend colleges and universities away from home as well as those who attend local colleges and universities. It also includes those who postpone or don’t pursue further education and enter the workplace.


The transition from high school students to young adults is often filled with trial and error.  Worship, fellowship and ministry gatherings provide a safe place to talk and to receive input and encouragement.

Specifically, the Young Adults at Matteson participate in:

  • Bible study on a weekly basis
  • Stay connected
    • Email listserv and social networking (Facebook)
    • Social activities
    • Party at the Rock–Starved Rock!  July 20th
  • Service



Formal at Fuddruckers and Miniature Golf

Several young adults dressed up fine and fancy and headed off to Fuddruckers and Crete Family Fun Center for a meal and miniature golf.  But did they really go where they said they were going?  A picture is worth 1,000 words.