Messages of God for All People

Messages from God for All People

This is a very special page for on it you will find messages from God’s Word that have the power to speak to you.  The Word of God is living and able to speak to the hearts of people…no matter where they live…no matter when they live…no matter how they live.  Open your heart and mind and allow God to speak to you through these messengers.


The messages of God we present to you here are messages we believe to be true to God’s Word.  If so, they will be good news for you.  God’s Word contains the truths of God that can bless your life.  These are truths that have to be lived out and can be lived out by us all if they are to truly be a blessing to us. 


“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?  And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” – Romans 10:14


This world is not safe, especially for disciples of Jesus. Things more dangerous than the coronavirus threaten us. If we want to live strong for Jesus, we must stand strong…

“Spiritual Warfare”

March 8, 2020
We need to understand that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. We need to understand what it is. We need to prepare ourselves and go into this battle for the…
Every child is a gift from God. We need to do all we can to be able to give them back to God.
The storms might rage, but can you say your life is good no matter what happens to you? This is possible when God is your portion, your refuge.
Deep calls to deep. Sometimes God is the only one who can go deep with us. The church is a place where we can be reminded that he does.
Like a bird in a cat’s mouth we can be overwhelmed by our troubles. How do we respond to such? The Sons of Korah give us a better option.
Not everyone feels a need to have the LORD as their shepherd. The darkest valleys teach us otherwise, but we do not have to wait until then to learn this.
The church was never intended to be centered around preachers, a truth this church can now discover. As this church starts forward on her journey of faith, she can experience…
Stability. Certainty. Prosperity. Blessed. Where do people find such a life? How do they experience it? It starts with the Words of God.


December 29, 2019
As love moved God to action, believing should move us to action. “Believe” is a verb. It is the word John used every time when he wrote his gospel. By…